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About Mass Torts Central

Founded by advocates for the injured, Mass Torts Central raises awareness regarding toxic and defective products in the market. We help injured people get the legal help they need to hold drug companies, manufacturers, and others liable.

These products place medical patients, retail consumers, and even employees of manufacturing companies at risk of severe injury and illness, including cancer.

The damages these harmful products cause are often far-reaching. On top of pain and suffering, victims may face overwhelming medical bills for the long-term treatment they require, as well as loss of income from the inability to work while recovering. In the worst-case scenario, families lose loved ones.

Despite federal regulations and testing requirements, products can have unintended consequences that manufacturers miss. However, all too often, companies knowingly and willingly create and release products that are not safe for the public. We believe there is no excuse when a manufacturer’s or drug maker’s negligence leads to severe injury or untimely death.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Mass Torts Central believes in holding pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies accountable for their dangerous or defective products. Those injured as well as surviving family members have a right to seek compensation from the responsible parties when defective or toxic products result in preventable injuries and death.

Raising awareness around these harmful products and helping those affected seek relief through legal action is our mission. We help the injured get their moment of justice.

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