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Everything You Need to Know About Mass Tort Lawsuits
When hundreds or even thousands of people sustain injuries or develop an illness for the same reason, it’s important to determine who and what has caused it. Determining the liable party for these injuries and illnesses can help the victims recover compensation for their losses. In addition, holding the liable party accountable can even stop… View Article
Settlement in a mass tort cases
How a Settlement Is Distributed in Mass Tort Cases
Mass tort lawsuits usually have many plaintiffs involved. Because of this, a lot of people wonder how a settlement is distributed in mass tort cases. Unlike class action lawsuits, plaintiffs in mass tort cases receive their own individual settlements based on the damages they incurred individually. The Difference Between Mass Tort and Class Action Settlement… View Article

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Five Most Common Types of Damages in Mass Tort Cases
Five Most Common Types of Damages in Mass Tort Cases
Common damages in mass tort cases include medical bills, long-term expenses, income losses, non-economic damages, and wrongful death-related expenses. Each of these damages intends to compensate an injured person after they suffer losses because of another party’s actions. Yet, while these are the most common types of compensable damages in mass tort cases, how much... View Article