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Mass Tort Legal
Steps for a Mass Tort Legal Consultation
You may feel intimidated by the idea of participating in a mass tort legal consultation. However, there are many steps you can take beforehand to make the process easier. You should have information related to your injury on-hand, prepare questions to ask, and be honest about your situation. A free consultation serves as your opportunity… View Article
Toxic Tort Claim?
The Things to Know Before Filing a Toxic Tort Claim?
Toxic tort claims arise when a group of people suffers harm at the hands of another party, usually a multi-million-dollar corporation. A toxic tort claim allows you to seek monetary compensation from the parties responsible for the injuries you suffered due to toxic contamination or exposure. Things to know before filing a toxic tort claim… View Article

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Class Action Lawsuit
Singulair Class Action Lawsuit?
Patients who use Singulair or its generic version, montelukast, have reported behavior and mood disorders as side effects. While no class action or mass torts claims have been filed as of December 2022, there are multiple active individual product defect and personal injury lawsuits against biopharmaceutical giant Merck for Singulair side effects. If enough people… View Article
How Long Does It Take to Get an Elmiron Lawsuit Settlement Amount?
How Long Does It Take to Get an Elmiron Lawsuit Settlement Amount?
Determining class action and mass tort settlement amounts often takes months or even years. While there is no settlement yet in the Elmiron multi-district litigation against Janssen Pharmaceuticals (MDL 2973), the first bellwether trial is scheduled to start on March 27, 2023, per the United States District Court, District of New Jersey. Bellwether trials for... View Article