Know your rights and injury

What are some examples of mass tort cases?

Several types of negligence can cause injuries of one sort or another, and each type constitutes a different form of mass tort case. Common examples include:

  • Dangerous and defective products: RoundUp or glyphosate-based weed killers, Johnson & Johnson talc-based products, 3M Combat v2 military earplugs lawsuits
  • Exposure to toxic substances: Asbestos-mesothelioma and Agent Orange lawsuits 
  • Large-scale catastrophes: Cruise ships and coronavirus, BP oil spill, and train derailment lawsuits
  • Defective drugs and medical devices: Xarelto, Zantac, Allergan textured breast implants, and Philips CPAP lawsuits
  • Natural disasters: Holding insurance companies liable for failing to pay out claims after a hurricane, earthquake, fire, or tornado